Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Life-Week 4

Last night I decided to stop being a lazy sloth and work on my Project Life album.  I had every intention of doing it on Sunday but I just didn't have the motivation or energy to get it done. So last night after the kiddos were all tucked into their beds I grabbed my supplies turned the TV on and got to work.  
Here are the layouts for week 4.

This week:
  • it rained and Isabella had to wear a jacket with a hoodie (she loathes jackets and coats and refuses to wear them so this was not her favorite day of the week.)
  • I took the kids to Sonic to get some sweet treats to celebrate how well Isabella has been doing in History (she has struggled in this area and her grades have improved dramatically and we are so proud of her)
  • the kids went to a birthday party at Pump It Up and had a blast with their friends
  • I got back on track with some healty lunches and brussel sprouts made an appearance 3 times this week (they are by far my most favorite vegetable)

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