Saturday, February 11, 2012

29 Things I Love-#10

#10- I love when my kids to things that are so thoughtful and unexpected that it makes my heart melt.  Yesterday was spirit day at Isabella's school and on spirit days they wear their spirit shirts, sometimes there are some other activities like a football or baseball game, and sometimes the snack bar is open for them to buy all sorts of yummy  treats.  So yesterday Isabella gathered up her money, put it in her little wallet and went to school ready to spend it all at the snack bar.  She usually comes home with most of what she buys and shares it with Ian.  That in and of itself is sweet and thoughtful but yesterday I went to school to pick her up  and as soon as she got into the van she pulled out two sour candies for Ian and a bag of Corn Nuts for me.  She remembered that I liked them from a conversation we had way back when and when she saw they were selling them at the snack bar she bought a bag for me.  It made my heart smile.  

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