Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day in the Life

I read this post on Ali Edwards blog the other day and I decided that I would participate in her Day in the Life project.  So I woke up with camera in hand ready to document my day.  

Breakfast at 7am consisted of the kids looking at a gift Ian got for his birthday.  This immediately turned into a list of all the other toys Ian needed to have in order to play with the original gift.  

Mr.G and I always have our cups ready for our morning coffee. Notice how much bigger mine is.  I need more coffee to get going in the morning.

Mr. G is cooking his oatmeal on the left and I am boiling eggs on the right.  I think we have the same breakfasts just about every single day. 

Ian watched some cartoons while we waited for his friend Aurelia to show up for our weekly preschool.  

Ian and Aurelia worked hard at preschool.  We are learning so much and we have fun doing it.

Notice my coffee mug on the table during school.  I'm almost certain this was my second or third cup.

They had some play time after they did all of their work.

Steeping some green tea. I hear it's good for you for about a million reasons so I'm going to start drinking it everyday. I'll let you know if I get healthier, smarter, or skinnier as a result. 

My lunch consisted of a Green Monster smoothie.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was amazingly good.  I am going to make another one tonight and take it with me to the dance studio and drink it for dinner. I think I'm going to have this bad boy once a day too.  It really filled me up and was full of flavor.

Ian's lunch consisted of pb&j, yogurt, lunch meat, cheese, and juice.  I forgot to get a photo before I served him his lunch so this was taken about halfway into his lunch time.

After lunch I made birthday brownies for Ian to take to Cubbies.  I think I ate at least 3.  Okay so maybe it was 5 but who's counting. 

A certain 4 year old fell asleep on the couch after insisting he wasn't tired and didn't want to take a nap.  I then had to carry said 4 year old to his bed.  4 year olds are heavy.

While the brownies were in the oven I decided to hop on the computer and look at the Studio Calico website and catch up on the reading for the Stretch Your Kit class I signed up for.  I can't wait to do some scrapbooking tomorrow.  There are lots of fun ideas in this class and I can't wait to open my kit and get creative. 

Old reruns of Grey's Anatomy played in the background. It is still my favorite show and I especially love the first 2 seasons. 

Isabella got home from school and had a snack and watched some TV  before dance class.  She didn't have any homework so she had a nice long rest before going to hip hop.

Did I say no homework? After a quick check of her envelope she found some spelling that needed to be corrected and signed.  She was not happy that I took a photo of this page because she wasn't proud of the grade.  I'm sure the next spelling test will come back with 100%  and she'll want me to blog about it.  She's funny that way.

Time to do some laundry.  This load belongs to Isabella and you will be happy to know that it stayed in the dryer all night and finally made it's appearance this morning.  I'm really bad about that. 

Isabella is dressed and ready for hip hop.  I just needed to comb her hair.  

Hair is in a ponytail and now it's time to put on the dancing shoes.

Ian is up from his nap and we practice his Cubbies verse before we take Isabella to dance class.  He is really good at memorizing his verses.  So is Isabella.  They amaze me at how good they are at this.  

Guess what was waiting for me after I dropped Isabella off at dance class.  

In between dance classes and dishes there was dinner at church, picking Isabella up from dance class and letting go to a friends for dinner, taking Ian to Cubbies, and then picking kids up.  So no photos until we got home and got ready for bed.

Ian having a snack before bedtime. 

Mr.G tucking Isabella into bed.  

Look who likes to act silly.

Uniform is ready for school.

Time to make Isabella's lunch. First I must carefully open and dispose of the contents of todays lunch.  Sometimes this really frightens me. You never know what you might find. 

Lunch and snacks are all packed and ready to go.

Kids are all tucked in bed so now I'm going to work on my Bible study. 

I think I crawled into bed at midnight.  It was a busy day but most of my days are.  I really liked this project of documenting my day and I look forward to doing Ali's  A Week In The Life.  So, what did your day look like today?

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