Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy birthday Bella!!

Isabella turned 9 last month.  I know. It's crazy.  How can she possibly be 9 already?  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She was so tiny and so beautiful.  I was immediately in love.  She has been a joy and blessing to our lives.  She has a great sense of humor, she is silly, she is kind, she is moody, she is dramatic, she is loud, she is thoughtful, she is sweet, and she is ours.  She is turning into an amazing young woman and I am proud of her for so many reasons.  She is a great big sister and has spent so much time playing with Ian this summer.  She recently bought my mom some cute pens, wrapped them up, and wrote her a sweet card (and it wasn't even her birthday).  She will sit and let little girls cover her face in make up and glitter because it makes them happy.  She lets Ian fall asleep with her every night even though they barely fit in her twin bed.  We love her more than we could ever fully express and I am excited about all that God has planned for her.  We kept her birthday celebration small and it was only family who came over for dinner.  I decorated the house specific to her instructions and she was beyond thrilled with how it turned out.  The menu consisted of ribs, corn on the cob, rice, garlic bread, and chocolate cake (as per her request).  She got some awesome gifts and I think it was her best birthday ever.  I don't think I'll let her turn 10. I don't think I can handle her being that close to the teenage years.  I am most definitely not ready for that. 

Fiesta pages!!

My sweet friend Tori recently celebrated her 30th birthday with a Mexican fiesta and she asked me to create some scrapbook pages for her. I loved putting these pages together for her.  I don't usually make 12x12 layouts so it was fun to do something different for a change.  I went to my local scrapbook store looking for some Mexican themed/inspired paper and was feeling a little discouraged when I had gone through the whole store and couldn't find what I was looking for.  Then there they were!! The most vibrant, fun, floral papers that were perfect for these pages.  I was in heaven!! The papers worked perfectly.  I knocked out 24 layouts in a weekend and couldn't wait to show Tori.  She loved them and I couldn't wait to add photos to them the night of her party.  She had a photo booth set up at her fiesta complete with fun props and signs so party goers could have fun taking their pictures.  It was so much fun to see how silly and creative her friends and family got in the photo booth.  There were some great photos taken and they looked great on the pages. I know she is going to look through her album and remember what a great time she had turning 30.