Monday, April 30, 2012

Week In The Life-Instagram

I took a lot of photos on Instagram this week for my Week In The Life project. Here are some of my favorite. I'm hoping to use a lot of them in my album but I need to get them developed first.  I guess I better get on that. Tonight I started my album and will post photos of my progress over the next few days.  I will take my time getting it done so bear with me as I may not post the complete album until Friday or Saturday. Okay who am I kidding, it might be Sunday but it will get done. I promise.  So until then, enjoy these photos. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week In The Life-Day 7

Today is the final day of Week In The Life.  I have really enjoyed this project and my kids have been really good sports about all of the picture taking that's been going on. I am excited to put my album together this week. I already have my album, page protectors, embellishments, and overlays ready to go. It will be a fun process that I won't stress out about as it comes together.  Anyway, this is what happened today. We went to church this morning as we do most Sundays unless we're out of town or there is a sick kiddo.  Mr.G seemed to have a lot of duties at church today but he did a great job getting it all done.  After church it was home to change clothes and head to town to run some errands. Miss. Bella came with me which is always a good time.  We went to Target where she scored a new dress and purse.  We spent a lot of time there looking at all the clothes, food, and cosmetics.  After we spent all of Mr.G's money (just kidding) we headed to Starbucks for a cool drink.  She got her favorite: green tea frappucinno and I got a skinny vanilla latte.  Then it was off to Costco to meet my brother.  I had some photos to pick up and he wanted to stock up on some food and snacks for his lunches.  It was too busy and crowded for my liking but we got in and out pretty quickly.  Miss. Bella and I headed to Goodwill so see if they had any treasures that needed to come home with us.  We were both lucky enough to find some things we loved.  She found a pair of high heels that were almost her size (just for dress up at home) and I found some milk glass and a muffin tin.  Once we were done spending more money I decided it was time to get home to my boys.  I walked into a kitchen filled with yummy smells and a table set up outside for dinner.  It was really sweet.  We had a great time eating dinner and dessert outside.  We topped off our day with a walk around the neighborhood then back home for baths and bedtime.  It was a long day that was filled with fellowship, fun, and family time.