Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make overs

Way back in February I babysat for my friend Angela.  She has two little girls who are Ian's best buddies.  Isabella loves them very much too and if she had it her way she would trade Mark and Angela their girls for Ian.  So when they needed a babysitter Isabella was ready to come along and play with them too.  She brought her "make up" and they played beauty shop in the bathroom.  Aurelia was the first one to get her make up done and her favorite part was the glitter Isabella put on her eyes.  Then Aurelia got to do Isabella's make up. I was brave enough to let her do my make up too. It took some time before Aurelia could convince her little sister Giulietta to get her make up done but after a couple of hours she finally gave in.  They had so much fun and Isabella did a great job playing with them.  She will be a great babysitter when she's older.

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