Monday, April 23, 2012

Week In The Life-Day 1

I am participating in Ali Edwards Week In The Life project and today was day one.  I woke up ready to take tons of photos and keep track of everything that went on today.  It was a good first day.  Ian and I were home most of the day and so I have lots of photos of the things we did around the house.  The afternoon was a little busier but I still managed to get a few photos of the things that went on before bedtime.  I'm hoping to keep up this momentum all week. Wish me luck.  At the end of the week I will put all of my photos in an album along with the daily sheets.  If you are interested in Week In The Life you can go here to find out more.  

I woke up to 2 little monkeys sleeping in my bed.

Today's weather forcast. Oh and the rest of the week too. 

Cereal for breakfast.

My first cup of coffee. 

The sink full of dishes that awaits me. Ugh.

My breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs. 

Miss. Isabella getting ready for school.

Going to do some laundry today. At least 2 loads. 

Need to work on my final CBS lesson.

Ian is obsessed with Cars right now.

Playing games on the phone while she waits for the bus. 

I finally sat down and did my lesson.

Now Ian wants to play his fishing game. I took a break from my lesson to play a couple of games with him.  He's a good sport when he doesn't win. 

The trash truck is on the way so Ian is keeping an eye on it to make sure he picks up everyone's trash. 

Ian needed a mid morning snack. 

Tackling the dishes. 

I needed to clean all of the kids plastic place mats.  Some of them really needed it. 

I think Ian used 11 band aids today.  I kept finding the box on the floor in the bathroom.

Thought it would be fun to do a "What's in my bag" photo.

Here are all the contents of my bag: wallet, sunglasses and case, Aleve, gum, checkbook and pens, make up bag, and keys.
Time to vacuum. Ian took this photo and I think he did a good job. 

He put the cars away and now it was time to play with his trains. 

Time for some iced tea.

It was lunch time. We did muffin tin Monday and here is what Ian ate. 

My lunch.

I did a blog post on Muffin Tin Monday while Ian ate lunch. 

Then I checked my Facebook and Pinterest.

 I love watching re runs of Grey's Anatomy. Hello McDreamy.

Headed to the dance studio to teach some preschool ballet. 

Mr.G and the kids are headed out to sell some BBQ tickets to the neighbors.  Yes that's Ian riding his tricycle in the house. 

Who could say no to that face?

Her sales for the last week.  This is her second time turning in money.  She is on a mission to be the top seller.  She just might do it. 

I have a ton of other photos on my phone that I will print off for the album. I just didn't get around to posting them here.  Now it's time for this haute momma to get to bed.  It's late and I have another long day of photo taking and journaling so off to bed I go. 

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  1. That's a lot of photos. well done. Love the lunch idea, whish someone would make me that! :-)