Wednesday, April 11, 2012

U is for underwater adventures

Today is Wednesday and around here that means a lot of things.  It is one of our busiest days but it's filled with so many fun activities that I don't mind all of the busyness. Today we hosted preschool at our house and I can't believe that we are on the letter Uu.  The school year is almost over and although it will be nice to have a break over summer we will most definitely miss it.  Ian will be enrolled in a traditional preschool in the fall so  we won't be involved in the homeschool preschool next year if our friends continue to meet weekly.  We have been so blessed to be able to do this with our friends and I have enjoyed getting to spend this extra time with Ian.  It has been great getting to know the other kids better and to have some free time during the week too when I'm not the teacher.  All in all it has been one of the best things that I have been involved in this year.  It has been a commitment that I am glad I made and I have seen Gods hand at work in our group.  They kids have grown and matured in so many ways.  They value each others friendships and get so excited to spend time together at  "school".  Friendships among the mommies have also grown and become stronger.  Even though I knew these ladies before we started this preschool program I have grown to know them on a different level over the course of this year.  I can truly say that each one of them is an important part of my life and God has blessed me tremendously with their friendships. It has been a great year and I look forward to seeing God work in the lives of these little ones and in the lives of the families. 

Practicing writing the letter Uu 

Our underwater story to go along with our craft. 

Letter sorting

More letter writing practice

Letter Uu search page

Math time!! Let's play BINGO!

Number matching game

All that working makes us hungry.  Time for a snack.

It was a great day to learn about the letter Uu.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!! 

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