Friday, June 15, 2012

Very sweet mini album

Here is a very sweet mini album I made for another friend of mine.  She had recently hosted a Tea Party themed play date with her girls and their friends.  It was the cutest party ever!!  They were in their Sunday best and topped off their outfits with hats borrowed from a sweet woman from our church.  My friend Angela wanted to make sure to capture the memories from this fun day with a mini album.  I was happy to get to work on it and it was one of my favorite projects to date.  It is filled with butterflies, flowers, and the softest color palette perfect for a tea party.  I am so happy with it how it turned out and I know her photos are going to make it look so much better.  

Very cute mini album

This is a little something I'm working on for a friend. She wanted a mini album to put photos of her and her husband.  I am having lots of fun making it and I can't wait to post photos of the final product.  Until then here is a sneak peek at what I've done so far.  Hope you like it!

Swim lessons

Last week Ian started swim lessons with Mr. Edgmon. He is doing such a great job! Last year was his first year and I must say it wasn't so great.  Not that Ian didn't learn the basics likes blowing bubbles, going underwater, and floating like a rocket ship but he cried every single day.  I wasn't sure what to expect his year but we showed up ready to swim on Tuesday.  Ian was happy to see one of his buddies from Community Bible study and couldn't wait to get in the water. I am happy to report that Ian hasn't cried once and has made tremendous progress in learning to swim.  Mr. Edgmon reviewed the basics with Ian and then moved on to kickers and big arms.  By Friday Ian was swimming to the edge of the pool, climbing out, and jumping in.  And my jumping in I mean holding onto Mr. Edgmon's fingers and falling into the pool.  I'm sure he'll master that soon enough.  Ian has one more week of lessons and I can't wait to see how much more he learns.  

Water park fun!

A couple of weeks ago the kiddos and I went to Mr.G's company picnic.  Isabella and Mr.G headed out first thing in the morning since he had lots to do to get ready for the 2,400 employees and families that would be attending. Ian and I stayed back and went to church.  I had to teach Children's Church that morning and I didn't mind staying behind.   Once we arrived Ian couldn't get into the water fast enough.  Isabella had already spent about 5 hours in the water and had a nice tan from her day in the sun.  I found my friend Felicia and we lounged by the lazy river and watched the people float by.  Every once in awhile our kids would make their way down the lazy river and we would wave and remind them to come get more sunscreen.  At the end of the day we packed ourselves up and headed back home.  The kids had a great time and I think that we will most definitely take them back in a couple of weeks.