Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting Organized

I subscribe to Studio Calico's scrapbook club.  I get a monthly kit and add-on kits every month.  So after about 7 months of kits and add-on kits you can be sure that my scrapbook supply has gotten out of control.  It was taking over our master bedroom and I had stuff everywhere. It almost reminded me of that show Hoarders but without the mice poop, moldy food, and towers of trash piled everywhere.  It was like mini hoarders. Just a small pile of stuff still in their boxes pile knee high. I decided that enough was enough and I was going to get it under control even if it killed me. Okay, so organizing scrapbook supplies isn't so great a task that one would die doing it but it was a daunting task.  So I gathered everything up,  planted myself on the living room floor with crop bags and scrapbook supplies and I went to work.  I had originally sorted all of my monthly kits and add-on kits separately but this just created more mess for me.  The solution was to gather the monthly kits and their respective add-on kits and store them together.  This my friend was the best idea.  Once I put all of the kits together I labeled them so I knew which kits were which when I decided to use them.  I also decided that after looking at all of the scrapbook supplies I probably shouldn't buy anything for at least 3 months.  Maybe longer if I was being honest.  I was almost disgusted with the amount of paper, embellishments, and stamps I had in my scrapbook stash.  So I made a deal with Mr.G that I would not purchase any new scrapbook supplies all summer and only use what I already had.  Even if someone custom ordered a mini album from me I would try to stick to what was in my stash.  You have no idea how difficult this is going to be since one of my favorite things to do is to go to the local scrapbook store and stock up on new paper and supplies.  I even have a $20 off coupon for my favorite scrapbook store! Hello! How can I not go and use it?!  Anyway, I am going to do everything I can to stick to this and I plan on doing lots of scrapbooking this summer so I can make a dent in my scrapbook stash.  I hope to do weekly posts of layouts and mini albums I'll be working on.  Maybe I'll use up enough of my supplies this summer so I can make a trip to the scrapbook store to re-stock.  

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