Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hair cuts

Isabella was in desperate need of a hair cut.  I had been promising to take her for weeks now but never managed to getting around to do it.  So Friday morning I decided that after school we would go get it done.     We headed to the local Cool Cuts for Kids and waited for an hour before they actually sat her in the chair.  During our wait she happened to see them advertising that they had feathers.  Isabella has been begging me for a year to let her put feathers in her hair.  I always managed to stick to my guns and say no.  I told her there was no good reason an 8 year old needed to have feathers in her hair. If God wanted her to have feathers she would have been born a bird instead of a little girl.  Well after a year of her nagging, begging, pleading, and making some outrageous promises that I'm almost sure she won't keep I caved.  I decided that one little feather wouldn't be so horrible.  It actually looks cute and at times it's so hidden under her hair you don't even see it.  She is beyond happy and even helped my mom clean her house to prove that she appreciated me letting her do this.  I hope that she finally gets this feather obsession out of her system.  But then she'll probably replace it with something else.  Oh well, we'll deal with that when it gets here. 

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