Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ahoy there!!!

We celebrated Ian's 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It was a pirate themed party and it was so much fun to plan and put it all together. I had some very talented, crafty friends help me with the decor and the cake.  It was the most perfect pirate party ever.  

The cool pirate cake my friend Tori made.  

The kids table complete with pirate ship, gold coins, and treasure map place mats.

Goodie bags for the treasure hunt.

Drinks (check out the cute bunting my friend Angela helped me sew)

The amazing plank my dad made for the party. The kids loved this thing.

Treasure chests filled with tons of pirate loot for the kids.

More bunting at the front doors

Pirate pinata filled with candy.

The birthday boy and his cake

He was nice enough to pose with his sister.

Ian, Isabella, and their cousin Jasmine.

Time for some food.

 Time for some treasure map fun.

Lets go on a treasure hunt.

But you must first walk the plank.
 Time for the pinata
 Cake time, Happy Birthday Ian!!!

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