Wednesday, February 8, 2012

P is for penguin, popcorn, and piano

 We had preschool at our house this morning.  We learned about the letter Pp, the number 15, read about Zacchaeus, and had some free play with Ian's new train set.  Oh and I can't forget about snack time.  That's the best part of any day.  

Ian and Aurelia practice writitng the letter Pp

So proud of their work.  They were so eager to have a turn writing their letters.

Letter Pr craft activity.  We made pianos.  Super easy and fun. Thanks to Pinterest for the idea.  Isn't that where everyone gets their ideas nowadays?

Letter Pp letter search.  They are getting way to good at this.  I think I need to find something more challenging for them.   

Letter Pp Nursery Rhyme page. They had fun coloring in all of the Pp's they found on the page.

Snack time!!

Next on the lesson plan was math.  We read "Chicka Chicka 123" before we did our math work.

A fun Valentine math page to review our numbers.

Dinosaur math to help us learn the number 15. 

Ready for some free play after all of that learning.  
Aurelia is at the controls and has the little train zooming down the track.

Ian makes a bridge for the train to travel through.

Now we have 2 bridges for the train. 

It was a good day.

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