Monday, January 30, 2012

Arts and Crafts

Isabella came home after school and didn't have any homework (this almost never happens) so instead of spending our afternoon doing math corrections or studying for a history test the kids busted out the art supplies and created some unique works of art.  Here is just a sample of what they painted today.

Ian painted a picture for Mr.G using popsicle sticks,  I'm not sure why he used popsicle sticks but whatever works right.

This is Isabellas art work.  It says "Hi Mom I love you very much"  and then it says "Can we go to McDonalds" . Nothing like giving me a big compliment before asking me for something. Oh well at least the I love you came before the Mc Donalds request.

Washing out her paint roller

I promise I didn't freak out over the mess that was happening on the kitchen table

 Isabella made sure that Ian wore his apron so his clothes wouldn't get paint on them. And yes, he is still in his pajamas.

Starting a new project

 Stopping to help her brother get more paint on his roller

This one says "I love M and D"  Isn't she the sweetest?

I'm glad that my kiddos are at an age where they can do these kinds of projects together and I can let them just be kids and have fun.  I can't wait to display their art on our walls.  

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