Sunday, January 8, 2012

And So It Begins

So today I finally started my Project Life Album.  It's been sitting in the box it arrived in for a month and I didn't want to get too far behind so I sat down today and put all the page projectors in and all of the title cards.  I completed the title page and will work on the first weeks layouts this week.  I'm going to keep it simple during the weeks when life is busy and out of control (we all have those) and on the weeks when I have more time I'd like to be able to get more creative with the layouts.  Last year I had every intention of doing Project Life but I just never got into the groove of it.  I have a semi-completed album (all the title cards and filler cards are in the page protectors with no photos) so I'm trying to figure out how to get it done without stressing myself out. I'm thinking maybe just photos of the kids from last year and not worrying about it being chronological just fun photos from all of the things we did last year.  Anyway, I digress.  So here are some photos of the products I'm using and my title page.  I will do weekly posts on my Project Life Album progress.  I also have a board on Pinterest with lots of inspiration to help me get my pages done.  I'm also following lots of other Project Life bloggers and using their pages as inspiration too.  If you're doing Project Life leave a link to your blog in the comments section so I can check out your progress and get some ideas.  If you're interested in Project Life products go here.  I'm using the Clementine Core Kit and binder.  I'm also using Design A, B, C, D, and G photo pocket pages.  I will be using other scrapbook supplies to complete my pages too.  It should be a really fun project and I'm going to let the kids help me with the journaling and adding some of their school art and work to the album too.  I love to save and use memorabilia from our trips in mini albums and I will most definitely be doing that here too.  I'm in the process getting my desk organized too so  I will set up a little section just for my Project Life supplies.  If it's all out for me to see and I have easy access to it I know that I will be more inclined to get it done.  I have lots of ideas of what I want to do with Project Life but I will tackle this project one week at a time until I get into the groove of it.  

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