Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's day.  Got to sleep in a little.  Mr.G made me a yummy breakfast and poured me a big old cup of coffee.  Fresh flowers had been picked and put in a vase just for me.  Mother's day cards were awaiting me on the kitchen table.  I was gifted some awesome gift cards and a sweet handmade gift from Isabella that she made at school.  We took Mr.G's mom to lunch and had dinner with my mom.  It was a perfect day. Hope your day was just as blessed and wonderful as mine.

Here are my flowers and cards waiting for me on the kitchen table.

This is the card that Isabella made for me at school.  She did a great job drawing our house. That's me and her to the right next to the tree.

 A picture frame made at school.  I will put some magnets on the back and stick it on our frig.

 Ian holding the card he gave me this morning.

Isabella holding the card she gave me this morning.

All of my Mother's Day cards. The one on the far right is from Mr.G.

Lots of gift cards. I see a mom's day out in my future.

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