Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moms on a Mission

Today a group of friends and I went to a MOPS conference to hear one of my favorite women in the whole world speak. I first met Janet at church many years ago.  We became very good friends and I adore her and her family. She is a woman who is a mentor and role model for me.  I like to joke that I am her #1 stalker.  She is the kind of woman that you would want to be like when you grew up. Mr. G and her husband used to have weekly Bible studies before they moved (insert sad face here).  She led our Thursday Ladies Bible study class, she led some Sunday school classes for women, and she and her husband did a parenting class too.  In all the years I have known her I have really learned a lot about what it means to be a woman of God.  She teaches on so many different topics but the one that I heard today was Moms on a Mission: Reaching the Heart of Your Child.  It was a 5 hour conference filled with so much Biblical teaching.

Here is an outline of what was covered today.
Identifying the Mission (what is our ultimate goal as a mom)
  Mission #1-Teaching our Children His Word
  Mission #2-Training our children in His righteousness
  Mission #3-Disciplining our children according to His ways

This was probably the fourth time I heard all of this but my kids are still young and I want to make sure that I am raising my children according to Gods Word.  I was reminded today that my children belong to God not me.  I am a steward. I need to discern what God wants me to do and implement it.  I will be accountable to God.  My goals should be to teach my children His Word, train them in His righteousness and discipline them according to His ways. I can’t express how much I needed to hear Janet’s teaching and to be encouraged by her and by Gods Word. 

I will say that I was so happy to have a day out. Sometimes we moms just need time away to get recharged, refreshed, and renewed. It was so nice to be with other moms today. We shared stories, laughed, and had a wonderful uninterrupted lunch.  How many of us actually get to sit down and eat without having to tend to someone or something?  I left feeling encouraged that there is still a window of time to influence my children. I also knew that I needed to make some small goals for myself and my family in order to tackle this mighty task. I have full faith in God and His Word. This is His plan for my family and for me as a mom. 

Here are some photos from today.
Quick stop at Starbucks before the conference.
Me and Angela both sporting green today.

Tori and Mandy are all smiles.

Yay Starbucks!!

Angela, Mandy, Janet and Tori

Angela, Mandy, Janet and me

Janet in action sharing Gods Word.


  1. So much fun! Thank you again my friend for taking us. Enjoyed the fellowship and of course Janet. We have been blessed to learn a lot from her.

  2. It was soo much fun!! I was happy to be the driver. i would drive just about anywhere to hear Janet speak. She has truly been a blessing to me.