Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gallery Wall bandwagon

Yes it’s true. I’ve jumped on the gallery wall bandwagon.  I actually had a mini gallery wall in my hallway for some time before I actually knew that it was a trend in the decorating world. What can I say? I’m a trendsetter.  So I went ahead and added two more mini gallery walls in the hallway that leads to all of our rooms.  I’ve been adding to them and changing them around so who knows how long they will stay this way.  The first two photos show the entrance to the hallway.  Those two walls face each other.  The other wall is literally right around the corner.  Our hallway is one of those weird ones that in order to get to the bathroom you go left, left and left. By the time you get to the bathroom you can be a little dizzy.  Anyway, back to the walls.  The third wall is dedicated to my two monkeys.  The black and white photos are ones Mr.G has taken of them over the last few years.  The silhouettes are from each of their first trips to Disneyland.  I have another wall around the corner that I’d like to work on next. I already have it started but I'm waiting to see what else I'd like to add to it. Hopefully I can use what I already have here at home and not spend any money. That would make Mr.G very happy. Have you jumped on any bandwagons lately?

The first wall as you enter the hallway

This is the wall right across from it.

This is what they look like as you enter the hallway. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. I took these pictures with my phone. 

My gallery wall dedicated to my two monkeys. 

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