Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girls Weekend

This past weekend I was able to get out of town with some of my very best girlfriends.  We planned this trip earlier in the summer and I was counting down the days until we were on the road to our beach weekend.  We planned on resting, relaxing, and having some crazy fun.  These ladies are very dear to me.  I have known each of them for many years and been there for each other through just about everything.  When we get together we laugh, get silly, pig out on junk food,  and have the best times ever.  I was happy to have this time with them.  We were already planning our next trip even before this one was over.

Felicia and Maria ready to go.

Me and Mandy all ready too!

 Day 1: lunch time

time to unwind and relax 

Day 2: lunch, again

we met some nice gentlemen after lunch who were kind enough to take some pictures with us

time for some shopping


 homemade "dirt" tacos. YUM!!!!

a friendly game of Spoons, Mandy and Maria got a little carried away. lol!!!

As you can see we had the best time! I love my girls!!

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