Sunday, August 28, 2011

Passing Notes

Isabella and I were passing notes today in church. I know I know.  We shouldn't be doing that in church but she started it and I ended it pretty quickly.  Her portion of the conversation is highlighted in pink.  It was a funny conversation and I think I giggled a little at it before I made her put it away.  
This is what was said:

Isabella:  Can I have a pillow pet?

Me: Maybe

Isabllea OK (picture of happy face)

Me: Please sing now! Thank you

Isabella: I'm trying to concentrate on writing

Me: Concentrate on singing

Isabella: There is no song on

Me:  There will be right now

Isabella:  Ok

Me: Now let's pray

Isabella:  Can I have a pillow pet?

Me: NO

Isabella:  Awww (picture of sad face)

Me: Sorry but it's church time. No pillow pet talk

Isabella: The End

It's little things like this note that just make my day so much better.  I think I will save it forever.  

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