Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tonight I was able to hang out with some fabulous ladies and can some horseradish pickles.  It was super easy and I can see myself doing it again soon.  Maybe even with Isabella. She really has an interest in cooking so I think this could be fun for us.  Most of these pickles will be for sale at our church fundraiser next month.  If you're in the area you should stop buy and shop.  We have so many cute crafts and lots of homemade goodies that will be up for sale.  Do some Christmas shopping maybe?  I digress, sorry. Back to the pickles.  I was lucky enough to bring home 3 jars tonight.  Too bad we have to wait 3 weeks to eat them.  I hope I can wait that long.  I'm sure I can. They won't taste their yummiest until then (is yummiest a word) so I have to wait until then. We really had a good time tonight. Lots of talking, laughing, canning, and I can't forget the chocolate cake.  The only downside to this whole thing is having my hands smell like pickles. I mean they really really really stink.  How do you get that smell out?  It's starting me gross me out. 

Angela and I getting ready to can some pickles. 

Loree washing pickles and getting them ready for horseradish

Angela making the brine

Yummy pickles!!

Marge sealing the pickles and looking FABULOUS

Myself, Loree, and Angela striking a pose with the fruits of our labor, I mean the pickles

Done and done (as Angela would say)

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