Friday, October 21, 2011

Bike a thon

Today was Isabella's school had their annual Bike a thon.  It's a fundraiser where the kids ride their bikes to a local park and then do as many laps around the park as they can in the allotted time.  They ask for sponsors to either make a flat donation or a per lap donation.  Isabella had a goal of 50 laps and she came really close to making it.  She was short 7 laps but she earned herself 3 free dress days.  In case you hadn't noticed she wears uniforms to school.  I love the uniforms and she does not. So free dress days are like major holidays around here.  Mr.G and I both signed up to help in different areas today.  We took Ian too and he spent his time going back and forth between the both of us.  He was a busy boy and had a lot of fun too. Danny was in charge of riding over to the park with the kids and some other parents and staff members. He was also in charge of picking up the pizza for lunch. I sat at a corner and watched the kids race by making sure that they stayed within the designated route and to offer help if it was needed.  I am happy to report that there were no major injuries or problems.  After I was done with my duties I spent the rest of my time watching Ian play on the playground and cheering Isabella on every time I saw her. The bike a thon was a success and now I am ready to put my feet up and enjoy my weekend. 

Here come the bike riders.

Ian brought his scooter to do a few laps too.

Isabella and Miranda making their way around the park.  This would be one of many laps. 

 Here are Isabella's other friend Sky and Madelyn making there way around the park too.  All I can say is all four of these girls have super cute bikes. I am so jealous!

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