Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week In The Life- More Sneak Peeks

Here are some more sneak peeks of my Week In The Life album.  I added some photos to the first 3 days and I have the rest of the days still to do.  I'm hoping to add some embellishments and extra overlays to the pages once all the photos have been added.  I'm really enjoying this project and I would love to so something like this again later in the year.  Maybe during the first week of school or during the summer.  It's not as time consuming as I thought it would be and  I love looking at all of the photos I took.  I hope the kids love looking at it over and over again and remember all of the fun things we did during our busy week. I'll post more photos as I continue to put it together.  Once it's all done I'll do one big post with the finished album page by page.  


  1. Visiting from Ali's website, I like your stitching, your book looks great so far!

  2. Love the transparancies, the stiches and the pockets. Great job !
    Kisses from France !