Sunday, May 13, 2012

Awards Night

Wednesday night was Awana Awards night.  Ian was excited to go and finally get his Bear award. He has wanted it all year and asked for it at least once a week.  He could hardly wait to get his hands on it Wednesday night.  We arrived early so we could get front row seats. This is the first time Ian had an awards program so we wanted to be there front and center to cheer him on.  He worked really hard all year learning his verses and reciting them back to his teachers.  He looked forward to going to Cubbies every Wednesday and loved wearing his blue Cubbies vest.  Every time he earned a new patch he wanted me to hurry and sew it on his vest so he could show it off.  Cubbies is a great program and I am thrilled that Ian loved it as much as he did.  He will have one more year of Cubbies before he moves on to Sparks when he goes to kindergarten.  I can't even think that far ahead, it makes me sad so I refuse to go there.  So for now we take a break for summer and keep our Cubbies vest and bag hung up until it's time to start up again in the fall.  

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