Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother Daughter Train Trip

Our church planned a mother daughter train trip for today.  We took the train to Hanford which is home to one of my very best friends in the whole world.  We packed a lunch, ate the most delicious ice cream, and took a ride around town in a fire truck.  There we 26 women and girls on this trip who varied in age from 9 months old to 81 years old.  I invited my mom to join Isabella and I on this trip as an early Mother's Day present for her.  She had never been on a train before so she was really looking forward to it.  We got to the train depot early and eagerly awaited the arrival of the train.  We gathered together to take a group picture before we boarded the train and once it arrived we were more than ready to jump on board and enjoy the ride.  We arrived in Hanford in less than in an hour and my friend Mandy was there with her 2 girls Ellie and Lainey (I'm sure you remember that Lainey is Isabella's BFF) and her mother in law.  We walked a few blocks to the downtown park that had some beautiful old buildings and a carousel that some of the girls got to ride after lunch.  Isabella, my mom, and I sat on the steps of one of the old buildings and enjoyed our lunch while some of the other ladies and girls went to have lunch at a couple of other local restaurants.  After lunch we all met up at the local ice cream shop for a sweet treat.  It is seriously the best ice cream I have ever had and the portions are ginormous.  We shared a scoop of strawberry ice cream and a scoop of chocolate and between the three of us we couldn't finish either bowl.  Once we were done we took the girls to the carousel so they could go for a spin.  It was the fastest carousel I have ever seen but the girls loved it.  Not sure how the mommies felt after they went round and round at such top speeds.  We gathered up after the carousel and headed to the fire truck for a ride around town before heading back to the train depot.  Once we all were back at the train depot we were ready to sit down and relax.  It was a fun day filled with laughter, friends, and lots of new memories. I can't wait to put together a mini scrapbook album with all of the pictures from today.  Happy Mother's Day!!

Isabella and my mom ready to get on the train. 

We picked our seats and are ready to go.

Our friends Heather, Julia, and Sammy.

 Our friends Angela, Aurelia, and Giulietta. 

 My sweet friend Loree and her mom.

Some more of our ladies and girls.

Isabella posing for a picture after lunch.

Trying to decide what to get. 

We decided on strawberry and chocolate.  I think those scoops are as big as our heads. Oh and those are 1 scoop servings. 


 Isabella, Giulie, Lainey, and Aurelia before going on the carousel.

Time to go for a ride on the fire truck. 

 Back at the train depot ready for the ride home. 

Isabella sat with Giulie on the way home. They shared snacks with each other and colored some pictures to pass the time. 

My mom and I on the way home.  It was a great way to spend this Mother's Day.

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