Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swim Lessons

Ian had his first day of swim lessons today.  He was really excited about it but once we got there his mood changed.  He was quiet and looked a little apprehensive.  He did good for the first 15 minutes and then he broke down and cried every time it was his turn with the instructor.  His instructor is a gentleman who we go to church with.  His daughter is Ian's Sunday school teacher and he was really excited that Miss Cory's dad was going to teach him how to swim because he LOVES Miss Cory. Anyway, he was happy when his lessons were over but he was also very excited about learning to make bubbles and grabbing the pool rings.  He said he wants to go back tomorrow.  I'm glad he's happy, we have 7 more days of  lessons.

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  1. Ed gives the best swimming lessons! When our boys were young I drove to Bakersfield to have them get lessons from Ed.