Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crusader of the Year

We are so proud of Isabella.  Her teacher chose her as Crusader of the Year for 2nd grade.  We were able to make it to chapel today, the last day of school, to see her get her award.  She was just given Crusader of the Month for gentleness so when the school called last week to tell us that she was going to be Crusader of the Year I was surprised.  This award is given to students who exhibit all the fruits of the spirit most or all of the time all school  year.  Isabella isn’t perfect and we have seen this child exhibit characteristics that are not fruits of the spirit but we have worked really hard at raising her, training her, and disciplining her according to God’s Word. So when she gets recognized like this we can only give credit to God.  We will take our Crusader of the Year out this weekend to celebrate.

Today was also the last day of school.  It’s bittersweet for me.  On the one hand I am happy to have Isabella home all day with us.  On the other hand it means she will be a 3rd grader next year and I’m one year closer to Ian going to school.  They are growing up way to fast.  I don’t like it one bit but I can’t do anything about it.  So after the awards assembly today we went and watched Isabella play on the playground with her friends.  Such sweet childhood memories.  I hope she remembers this time at this school with her friends as the some of the best times of her life.

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