Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to my husband. He is the most amazing dad ever.  He has been a hands on dad since both of our kids were born.  He changed diapers, gave baths, fed, and rocked our babies to sleep.  He stays home with them on weekends when I go out of town and doesn’t ask the grandmas for help.  He plans father-daughter Disneyland trips every year. He brings back souvenirs from business trips.  He goes on bike rides.  He lays on the floor to play. He brushes little girls hair and makes sure all the tangles are out.  He takes them for ice cream and cleans all the drippy messes.  He has water gun fights.  He builds sandcastles. He gives piggy back rides. He takes lots of photos and captures everyday moments. He has breakfast with them every morning and dinner with them every night.  He goes to recitals and swim lessons.  He helps with fundraisers. He takes time off from work to be at assemblies. He brags about his kids. He has lots of pictures of them on his phone. He works hard for our family. He is amazing and we are blessed to have him.  

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