Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planet Dance at Relay for LIfe

Our dance studio had the opportunity to perform at a local Relay for Life event yesterday.  This was our second year dancing at the event and it was a great success.  I was able to perform last year with the dance team and this year both Isabella and I danced with our hip hop classes.  She had been feeling a little under the weather but like the true performer she is she pushed through and did a great job.  Here a some pictures I took before we took the stage. We will be performing again next Saturday at the local Asthma Walk.  I'm hoping that Mr. G will be able to get some pictures of us on stage. He was busy video taping the performance and trying to keep Ian happy in his stroller with promises of cotton candy and soda when we were all done. 

Here I am with some of the girls I take hip hop with.  Isabella took the picture thats why we are all bent over and squished together.

This is Miranda and Sylvia.  Miranda and Isabella go to school together and take dance together.  Sylvia and I are in taking hip hop together too. Who says moms can't get their groove on?

Irene, Sylvia, Christine (she teaches the dance team, ballet and jazz, and takes hip hop), Jacob (he teaches tap and takes hip hop) and Lexie (she is an extraordinary dancer and we danced together on the dance team last year)

Christine and Jacob, they are brother and sister and the best dance teachers I know.

The three of us right before we take the stage.

Jacob and Irene.  Irene and I went to the same high school together and attend the same church.  She takes hip hop with me too.

Jacob and Isabella.  She took tap with him last year and thinks he is the bomb.

Miranda and Isabella. I dont think they ever met a camera they didn't like. They are in the same class at school and take hip hop together. This is their second year dancing together.  They are very talented if I do say so myself.

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