Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girls Day Out

Yesterday Isabella and I had some girl time. We hit the mall looking for a dress for her to wear on Saturday when we celebrate Easter with my parents, my brother and my niece. We hit the Starbucks for some snacks before we hit the stores. We did most of our shopping at Old Navy. She picked out some dresses to try on and we went into the dressing room and started the fashion show. Isabella doesn't just try a dress on to see if it fits. She spins and twirls and checks to make sure it's just the right length. She has definite opinions about what she likes and doesn't hide her feelings when what mom has picked is all wrong. She picked a really cute summer dress and then decided that shoes and accessories were needed to complete the outfit. I fear the day when we have to go shopping for school clothes (she wears uniforms now and will until 8th grade). I might just have to get a job so I can afford this girlie girls taste. We had a nice day out and I look forward to doing it again soon.

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