Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a sick day for mommy

It's official. I'm sick.  I'm really sick. I usually don't get sick. I like to think I really built up my immune system when I was a kindergarten teacher.  I can count on my fingers how many times I had to call in sick the 6 years I was a teacher.  So I have always felt really blessed that I have been really healthy and when my family gets sick I never seem to catch their coodies.  Well, this week was different.  I had two sick kids all weekend into the school week so when I started to feel yucky on Tuesday I knew that it was going to go all downhill for me.  My kids were better but now it was my turn.  After toughing it out all day I decided Tuesday afternoon to drag myself to the Urgent Care to see what was wrong.  After an x-ray and strep test it turned out that I had a sinus infection.  So prescription in hand I headed over to the Target pharmacy to get my meds.  That trip is a whole other story. I was about to get all crazy on someone after making me wait over an hour for my meds.  Turns out it was the insurance's fault. So after a few phone calls and eye rolls to the pharmacy tech I was on my way home ready to start feeling better. Yesterday I thought I was feeling okay, I even made my way to dance class to practice for our performance on Saturday.  I think I overdid it.  This morning I was not feeling any better.  I'm praying that the anitbiotics kick in soon. My weekend is jam packed with so much stuff that I really don't want to cancel or miss anything.  Did I mention that we are potty training Ian this week too?  Yes, one more thing to add to my already crazy week. But it's going so great. I think I can safely say that he is potty trained. We had one awful poop accident on Tuesday but I will spare you the details.  It's going great and I think it's the container of m&m's in the bathroom that we use as a reward that have him going all the time. Hey, whatever works right?? Anyway, it's days like today when I'm feeling so bad that I can't even get out of my pj's that I'm thankful that I am a stay at home mom.  It's not easy taking care of kids when you're sick but God really does help them to be more obedient and easy going when mommy is sick. Being sick also gives me a chance to lay around and not feel guilty about taking time out from my household duties. Everyone helps out and at the end of the day it's only a couple of days of fending for themselves.  So I'm taking today to call in sick from work. No laundry, vacuuming, making beds, washing dishes, or running errands. I'll be back to work in a couple of days.

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