Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Race Day Photos

Here are some more photos I took the day the kids ran their races. It is Isabellas last year to participate in the kids races which might be good news for her since she doesn't consider herself a runner.  Ian gets 4 more years of running in the Disney races which probably makes Mr.G happy.  He can groom Ian into a long distance runner and maybe they can do half marathons together some day.  I am happy that Mr.G  started this family tradition and I'm hoping our kids will continue it with their families.

They are all ready to race.

Where Ian and I waited for his race to begin.

Bella cheering Ian on.

He is ready to run.

Getting his medal

Now it's Bellas turn. 

Here she comes.

Of course they have time to wave for the camera.

Posing with her medal.

A family photo with Mickey at California Adventure after the race.

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