Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Don't Love Exercise

These are my new running shoes. I do love them. They are awesome.

Here I am about to cross the finsih line at Disneyland.  I did the 5k race there in 2009. I had a personal best time for a 5k this day. Finished in under 32 minutes. Yay me!!!

Here I am after I finished my 5k.  Miss. Bella competed in a race that day too.

I am not one of those people that LOVE exercise. I never have been and I don't think I ever will be. If I loved exercise then I would be an entirely different person physically.  I tried the gym thing and that didn't work out and I had to cancel my membership. I bought lots of exercise videos with the intention of working out everyday at home.  Well with a small child and a full time job at the time that didn't last either.  I've tried excercise classes but dropped those as well when my schedule began to get too busy with other obligations.  The only thing that has ever seemed to fit my schedule was running.  Mr.G became an avid runner about 3 years ago.  At the time I was pregnant with my son so the only physical activity I could continuing doing was my tap class.  So about a year later I decided that I would give running a try.  I started out slow, with walking being the main form of exercise and throwing in a few minutes of jogging until I could run a whole 2 miles without stopping.  I stuck with it and was able to run a couple of 5k races that year.  I was very proud of my accomplishments. Life became a little busy so the running was put on the backburner for awhile. So in an attempt to get myself into shape and loose some unwanted pounds I have decided to pull out the running shoes again.  I'm not an early riser so getting up at the crack of dawn is not an option for me.  I don't like to run at night when it's dark either (I'm a big scaredy cat, I think about all of the crazy things that could be out there waiting for me so I stay inside, don't judge me) and my days are filled with lots of activities (mostly checking my facebook and watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy) so that leaves the weekends.  Since it's been months since I've hit the pavement I decided that I could ease back into running until daylight lasts a little longer and I can go in the evenings again.  So far so good. I've made myself go out in the blistering cold (okay so I'm exaggerating but it is cold) to run at least 2 miles.  I will admit that I do feel good when I get done and then I get motivated to make smarter food choices.  I have a goal to not only exercise at least 3 times a week but to lose a total of 30lbs. this year. I will keep you posted as I transform myself into a new hauter housewife. But don't expect me to post any of those before pictures of myself like they do on The Biggest Loser.  I don't want to frighten any of you away. 

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