Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

Here are my goals for February. I didn't do such a great job last month with my goals but that won't discourage me from making new ones this month. I think I need to put them on my calendar or on my to-do list this time. I need to be able to cross them off my list and see my progress to keep me motivated. Otherwise they will do undone. Then I will be a failure for a second month and I can't have that. Keeping them in this super cute scrapbook wasn't enough motivation to get anything done last month. That and the fact that I was just plan lazy.  So I will write down the days I am going to exercise, when I will work on my mini book and when I will organize my scrapbook stuff. I will  write the daily things on my to do list every night for the next day so I make sure they get done and crossed of the list.  That should help get this haute housewife organized enough to accomplish those goals.  So wish me luck and maybe you can set some goals for yourself this month too. 

1 comment:

  1. super cute, i like it!!! Good Luck!! you can do it!