Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bird Houses

We've been passing the summer days doing some fun stay at home projects.  The kids got creative with some bird houses a couple of weeks ago.  We picked up some paint and paintbrushes from my favorite crafts store. I covered the kitchen table, gave them plenty of paint, and I let the kids go crazy. There were no rules to how they should paint their birdhouses. I let go of my constant need to control everything (imagine how hard that was for me). They had no restrictions and they loved it!  It kept them occupied for a long time and now I have lots of little birdhouses to decorate our porch and patio. How are you passing the long summer days?

Isabella is being very careful painting the rooftop.

Ian did a great job using glitter paint.

One guess on who painted this one?

Getting creative by adding stripes to the rooftop.

Ian's masterpieces. 

Isabella's masterpieces. 

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