Friday, July 29, 2011

The Barbie Birthday Party

My sweet girl turns 8 tomorrow.  I have been trying to avoid this all summer but it looks like she wants to turn 8 and actually grow up.  Since we haven't had a really big party for her in the last few years I decided that we could do it up big this year.  So that's exactly what we are doing.  We will be celebrating all weekend.  Tonight we are having a sleepover to celebrate Isabella's birthday.  She has two friends (her two BFF's) spending the night and celebrating with her.  We are having a Vintage Barbie themed party which was so much fun to get ready for. I did the decorations and my mom made the table runner and the adorable tutus for the girls to wear.  Here are some photos of tonight's festivities.  I'm taking a break from all the fun while they are watching a movie and stuffing candy and junk food into their mouths. I'm sure they will need me back in about 5 minutes to bring in more snacks.  

My sweet and very talented friend Tori made the beautiful Barbie cake and cake pops.

Time for food and cake pops. 

 Time for gifts.  Both Barbie themed of course.

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